I have been dealing with the owner at Chicago Kite for 12 years or so, starting at his original location in Chicago. Since moving to Oak Park, the shop has become even better.

My interest is in the high tech stunt kites, but the shop has an endless variety of toys for kids and adults; beginner level kites, flags, banners, Radio Control models etc. etc. plus a full range of Yo-Yos (this has become a major sport ). Prices cover the full range from quick gift toys to really profesional grade Kites.

Kites range from the simple and inexpensive to the Pro grade which are well worth their significant cost, if you select the right kite for your needs. This is where some explanation and advice is invaluable, and he is an expert at reading the customer's interest and skill level and matching them to the right kite. You can make a mistake by going too cheap as well as too expensive.

Don't just take my word, stop in and see this amazing shop and talk to them.

PROS: Full range of toys. Only shop in the area for top grade Kites and advice.09/28/05