The Bronco Kite >> The Bronco pushes kite design further than anything on the market today. It is quite simply the most advanced kite design out there. Its range is incredible: one kite size covers a wider windspeed spread than other kites. Our Variable Planform Technology means the Bronco has the same flight characteristics through all its sizes.

With the Bronco, we set out to build a kite that would not only fly better but would hold up to our abuse and rock-studded beaches. We've designed in all sorts of reinforcements and scuff guards at critical points to protect your investment. Ride as rough as you want: The Bronco holds up.

Design >> Variable Planform Technology. By varying the aspect ratio and planform geometry of our kites, we maximize the performance and handling for each size.

Materials >> Leading-edge and batten tubes are always taking abuse: we build ours from non-delaminating and tear-resisting Dacron...bomber!

Wingtips >> Strong Dacron panels with radial reinforced attachment points resist tears from self-launch and landing.

Body >> Hydrophobic polyester ripstop means excellent water resistance, zero permeability, and minimal UV fading.

Reinforcements >> Leading-edge batten seams are double reinforced with low profile, strong materials and all other reinforcements are oversized and designed for function not cosmetics.

Thread >> Varying thread weights are used to maximize durability.

Bladders >> Our bladders are of 110 micron polyurethane for the best combination of weight and strength. You can't beat them for durability.

Panel Layout >> Spanwise panel layout ensures proper shape distribution in flight. It also reduces leading-edge seam intersections which adds durability.

Stitching >> We're careful to maintain the proper stitch width which eliminates material perforations, and reduces seam failures. The leading-edge tube has a flush seam on top to eliminate wear on the